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New founders on the block: 6 Colorado entrepreneurs under 25

March 24, 2017 - Built in Colorado

Since launching Eyesight Collective’s first products late last year, the company has evolved from a creative agency to an edtech company, creating online courses designed to inspire, educate and inform young entrepreneurs. Hurwitz founded the company when he was 20...



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Logo PNG - click to download

Key Takeaways

  • Eyesight Collective is an online learning platform helping students and recent graduates learn real-world business skills, helping them land their dream job or start their own company. 
  • Eyesight Creative was founded in April, 2015 by Jake Hurwitz. The company has morphed from a creative agency into what Eyesight Collective is today.
  • Eyesight courses features top industry leaders to share their stories and experiences as a means of educating and inspiring students. 
  • The Eyesight community is a private networking group for students, mentors and industry leaders to connect. 
  • Eyesight Collective was founded by Jake Hurwitz and Nathan Moses in August, 2016, the summer before their senior year at the University of Colorado Boulder.


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